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File #: 24-0309A    Version: 1
Type: Contract/Agreement Status: Passed
File created: 2/22/2024 Department: Facilities and Real Property
On agenda: 4/9/2024 Final action: 4/9/2024
Title: Declare surplus and authorize the sale or donation of miscellaneous County-owned equipment.
Attachments: 1. 505 506 Assets.pdf, 2. 505 506 Non Assets.pdf, 3. OMB.REVIEW_24-0309A_DAS_Surplus_06-MAR-2024



Declare surplus and authorize the sale or donation of miscellaneous County-owned equipment.



Recommended Action:

Recommended Action

Declare miscellaneous County-owned items and equipment as surplus. This declaration of surplus will enable the County to donate or auction the items listed in the attached files.


                     This action declares the listed items as surplus and authorizes their donation to partner agencies or sale to the highest bidder.

                     The usefulness of the identified surplus items (miscellaneous equipment) has been exhausted.

                     All surplus items are listed and sent to various agencies and non-profits such as Social Action Funding designees, Pinellas County School Board, Board Dependent Districts, and other agencies such as the Florida Dream Center, Vincent House, Seminole Junior Warhawks, and others to determine if this equipment can be utilized before sending for sale at auction.

                     The revenue generated from the sale of these assets is not budgeted for in Fiscal Year 2025.



Strategic Plan:

Practice Superior Environmental Stewardship
3.4 Reduce/reuse/recycle resources including energy, water, and solid waste

Deliver First Class Services to the public and our customers
5.1 Maximize partner relationships and public outreach
5.2 Be responsible stewards of the public’s resources




This action declares the items listed in the attachments as surplus. This action will authorize the items and equipment to be either donated to partner agencies or for sale to the highest bidder. Staff has determined the usefulness of the listed miscellaneous equipment has been exhausted. Excluding donations to interested governmental entities, nonprofit agencies, or the Social Action Funding List designees, the remaining miscellaneous assets are to be liquidated through public auction. will conduct the public auction in accordance with our signed agreement.



Background Information:

Departments, constitutional officers, and other elected officials transfer items that have reached the end of their useful life to surplus. Surplus collects and organizes the miscellaneous equipment, which consists of computers, electronics, office equipment, and furniture. Surplus determines if the equipment can be repurposed to other departments, donated, or sold for auction. Items declared surplus are first offered to departments and our preferred list of agency partners in accordance with Resolution 14-8.

On March 27
th, 2024, the Facilities and Real Property Division of Administrative Services (FRP) will distribute a Notice of Surplus Equipment to the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County, per Board approved resolution on January 14, 2014 (Resolution 14-8), granting preferred status on a rotating basis with the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County, and the Pinellas County School Board.

On April 3
rd, 2024, FRP will distribute a Notice of Surplus Equipment to interested governmental units, Board Dependent Districts, and all department directors under the jurisdiction of the Board of County Commissioners, constitutional and other elected officials, and other departments.

On April 10
th, 2024, FRP will distribute a Notice of Surplus Equipment to the  Pinellas County School Board, Creative Pinellas, Florida Dream Center, Palm Harbor Community Services Agency, Vincent House, Keep Pinellas Beautiful, Seminole Junior Warhawks and Social Action funded entities.


Fiscal Impact:

Revenues derived from surplus vary with each auction and are not budgeted for in FY25. Proceeds are distributed to the fund that owned the sold asset.


Staff Member Responsible:

Diana Sweeney, Deputy Director, Administrative Services
James McDermott, Interim Manager, Budget and Analytics, Administrative Services



Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County
Pinellas County School Board
Creative Pinellas
Florida Dream Center
Palm Harbor Community Services Agency
Vincent House
Keep Pinellas Beautiful
Seminole Junior Warhawks
Social Action Funded entities



505 506 Assets.xlsx
505 506 Non Assets.xlsx