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File #: 21-1418A    Version: 1
Type: Contract/Agreement Status: Regular Agenda
File created: 7/16/2021 Department: Human Services
On agenda: 9/21/2021 Final action:
Title: Interlocal Agreements with the Public Defender's Office for jail diversion, juvenile crossover case management, a therapist, and an information technology position.
Attachments: 1. FE_IT Position Agreement, 2. FE_Jail Diverson Case Manager Agreement, 3. FE_Jail Diverson Recovery Program, 4. FE_Juvenile Crossover Case Manager Agreement, 5. FE_Juvenile Therapist Agreement, 6. Jail Diverson Recovery Program Agreement, 7. Jail Diversion Case Manager Agreement, 8. Juvenile Crossover Case Manager Agreement, 9. Juvenile Therapist Agreement, 10. IT Position Agreement, 11. OMB_Review-21-1418A_SeveralIntelocalAgreementsPublicDefender



Interlocal Agreements with the Public Defender’s Office for jail diversion, juvenile crossover case management, a therapist, and an information technology position.



Recommended Action:

Recommended Action

Approval of the five Interlocal Agreements with the Public Defender’s Office for the Jail Diversion Recovery Program, Juvenile Crossover Program, a juvenile therapist, and an information technology position.


                     The Interlocal Agreements support programming and services offered by the Public Defender’s Office.

                     The Jail Diversion program directs the placement of individuals to appropriate mental health services in lieu of jail and served a total of 629 clients in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020.

                     The Juvenile Crossover program assists youth who are at-risk of re-offending and entering the adult justice system. In FY20, 38 youth received counseling and social services through this program.

                     The information technology position supports Article V requirements.

                     The total amount of funding for the five Interlocal agreements is $1,233,220.00 for the FY22.



Strategic Plan:

Ensure Public Health, Safety, and Welfare
2.1 Provide planning, coordination, prevention, and protective services to ensure a safe and secure community
2.2 Be a facilitator, convener, and purchaser of services for those in need
2.4 Support programs that seek to prevent and remedy the causes of homelessness and move individuals and families from homelessness to permanent housing

Deliver First Class Services to the Public and Our Customers
5.3 Ensure effective and efficient delivery of county services and support




The five (5) Interlocal Agreements provide funding for diversion and support programs offered through the Public Defender’s Office as well as technology support. These programs help stabilize clients by connecting them to services and community resources as a diversion from incarceration and to reduce future justice system involvement.

Over a seventeen-year period through 2020, Jail Diversion had served 8,321 clients. In 2020 the Public Defender’s Office’s Crossover Case Managers provided 38 youth counseling and connection to social services.



Background Information:

The Public Defender’s Office provides legal advice, counsel, and defense services to
needy and indigent citizens accused of crimes in Pinellas County (County). Programs are in collaboration with the Public Defender, State Attorney, Pinellas County Sheriff, judiciary, and local service providers.

The Jail Diversion Recovery Program serves individuals whose legal involvement may be a result of untreated mental illness or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders for services. Services include assessments, transportation, transitional housing, psychiatric referrals, treatment plans, prescription medication therapy, intensive case management, court liaisons and other community resources. As a result, the placement of these patients in mental health services has resulted in effect program connections and reduced jail stays.

The Juvenile Crossover Program focuses on identifying youth cases (age 12-19) that crossover into both the dependency and delinquency divisions of the Unified Family Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit. This program benefits youth in foster care who are most in need of stability by providing an array of social services including psychiatric counseling and obtaining social security benefits.

The juvenile therapist assists youth that are aging out of the foster care system. The therapist will work with the youth to find employment, housing, and other vital skills to become successful and achieve independence.

The IT position performs all necessary on-site installation and support services for computers and equipment purchased by the County. Article V of the Florida Constitution requires the County to provide all reasonable and necessary technology as well as communication functions for the Public Defender.


Fiscal Impact:

Appropriation to support these agreements is consistent with the development of the FY22 Tentative Budget and is allocated to each Interlocal Agreement as follows:

-                     $858,170.00.00 - Jail Diversion Recovery Program

o                     $661,760.00 to program services (Jail Diversion & Chronic Inebriate)

o                     $157,180.00 for two community case managers

o                     $39,230.00 for program expenses

-                     $76,600.00 - Jail Diversion Case Manager

-                     $154,860.00 Juvenile Crossover Case Managers

-                     $82,820.00 - Ready for Life Therapist

-                     $60,770.00 - Information Technology Position


Staff Member Responsible:

Karen Yatchum, Director, Human Services



Public Defender’s Office



Jail Diversion Recovery Program Agreement
Jail Diversion Case Manager Agreement
Juvenile Crossover Case Manager Agreement
Juvenile Therapist Agreement
IT Position Agreement.